A Search For Tarahumara Indians

A Search For Tarahumara Indians
July 24, 2017 curious3301

I thank
Loria, Martin, Jonathan’s Dad and Jonathan and Miguel for guiding me and giving me a lift.

Probably one of the best experience shared with the Tarahumara Indian family near Creel in Copper Canyon. I look back and I will never forget their names and faces.

Before parting with these humble family, I never felt this heart-warming while spending a night with them.

Alberto: the middle kid of the family whom I spent the most time with, took me around his playground. We made a little fire using his technique to gather materials as fast as we could. We picked up some plumbs around the trees as a snack. Helped them cook for dinner, wash clothes, and shared the moment together even though we couldn’t understand a word we were saying to each other.

Everything was so pure. I never felt so free in my life for this short period of time. I gave myself in to ask for their permission to take me in as a guest in order to learn more about their culture and lifestyle just for a night.

The elderly woman called “Petra” without a second of hesitation made me feel at home.

Alberto became pretty fond of me and I felt the same way.
Before leaving, I had a sense he wasn’t happy to see me leave.
It was difficult for me to leave behind again as always.

He then decided to give me his hand-made jewelry carved out of bone and strings made out of tree barks.

The craftsmanship of these people are just amazing.
I was feeling very sad and at the same time put me in a state of indescribable feeling I haven’t felt in a long time.

—Edited and shot by—
Hwi Gun Kim

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