Backpacking System and Equipments for Long Haul Travel

Backpacking System and Equipments for Long Haul Travel
December 6, 2016 curious3301

This video was shot and edited while temporarily staying at my friend’s house in McKinney Texas

I thank Dakstone and his parents for letting me stay here to settle for two weeks and crank out some video editing work done.

This video might be helpful for someone who wants to figure out what to bring when you are planning on a huge trip or a very long extended expedition that requires self sufficiency at most. Such backpackers who go traveling with a tight budget or just general long-haul explorers who wants to document everything as they go.


The camera equipment and outer compartment from my backpack will hopefully be explained in another video well if I manage to not lose anything along my journey.I have only shown through my main compartment for basic necessity tools and equipment and here are the lists of things

-Knee straps
-Multi tool
-Water proof sack
-Water filter
-First Aid kit
-Heat Reflective blankets
-UV sunglasses
-Knife sharpener
-Mess kit
-Survival handbook
-Pencil case
-Waist pouch
– 15cm long bush craft knife and 30cm long jungle knife \\somehow got lost

The rest includes other compartments that attaches on the exterior of my backpack with quick releases.

* -20 degree Celsius sleeping bag
* Wearable utilities and gears such as gloves and hat etc.
* Electronics and camera gears – weighs the most
* Clothes

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