The Culture of Fear (Bowling for Columbine)

The Culture of Fear (Bowling for Columbine)
September 16, 2016 curious3301

Today I was watching a spectacular documentary called “bowling for columbine” made in 2002 and made me rethink a lot about my travel motives and the trajectories of this entire trip. It gave me insight about what I should be aware of before going into each country.

This was a realization of what it means to go on a lone-journey and to record things I learned from each society to piece puzzles together. This magnificent piece of work is about general proliferation of guns and the high homicide rate in America. The quest to find what makes United states to have such a high homicidal rate. At the end of this documentary it boiled down to an impression of massive difference between Canada and the U.S.  <— click to watch “Bowling for Columbine” <— or click this link for info

 I haven’t been here in Canada for long but I can already feel at home, or should I say… safe and warm. I am not yet pointing out that America is flat out dangerous without even living and experiencing myself. However, according to what I know about the history, societal background, demographics, and myriads of other information that I could gather about the nation as a whole; it gives an impression of being very unstable and contradictory. Even though this has been released while ago it still relates to all of us in a fundamental level.

 I will not write out every details of personal impressions and information provided in the documentary mentioned above. This is one of the reflection on what a society has long forgotten not just as individuals, but as a whole global family on this planet we share.

 When people ask me about my travel route, they will tell me and say, “it is dangerous to go there, I heard South America is filled with Zika virus, America is number one homicide rate in the world!” And countless other reasons to not go just because you haven’t had experience of it. It came clear to me now that it is not the people itself that are dangerous but fear of danger is what makes other people dangerous. In other words, it is the fear of other people that puts you into dangerous situations.

 There seems to be an underlying absence of the way some people tend to perceive or understand about things.

For example, when we look at an angry man with a person A, some people only think that an angry man is inherently imbedded with that personality so they blame that angry person for being angry, regardless of the relationships of the environment and the embodiment of the whole situation with the other person called A.; ignoring the root cause of why the man was angry.

When we try to identify problems without a holistic point of view, it is indeed very difficult to understand what the root cause is.

Whatever you do, danger is always present no matter where you are at and who you are with; because after all.. We’re not going to get out alive (haha)!

knowing this fact can only make things clear. It is a matter of choice between either shutting yourself into a never-ending quest for security or freedom of unknown adventures.

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