Living without regrets

Living without regrets
May 14, 2016 curious3301

We live in a society that constantly preaches security and comfort. Security and comfort may have its place. But it can lead a lot of us into living a life that really doesn’t fulfill us. We sacrifice the moment of “now” for the sake of better future. we keep relationships that feel safe instead of the ones that help us evolve in our personal growth. It will be easiest to just make it through each day. But that is not the way any of us are suppose to be living. we can seize life, enjoy it immensely but first we need to take claim that sense of adventure.



“You regret the things you didn’t do rather than the things you did.” Because not every opportunity comes twice and every given moment will always be different than the next. When you have a given opportunity you should at least try. when people face discomfort or an idea of discomfort, we automatically and subconsciously try to avoid that situation. But often times amazing things are waiting for you just beyond that self-made border. The funny thing about trying out and a little bit of a challenge in and out of itself can be very rewarding or exciting because it expands your comfort-zone by exploring your own discomfort.



Accept and embrace the fact that you are not perfect and that you can’t control everything around you. But you can control the way you perceive life. This can be very hard to take in at times because we tend to hide away from our imperfections and often afraid of facing our true selves without laying filters on top of each other. This self-identification of one’s persona is an ego; a self projected image of ourselves, of what we wish to be and what we wish to be seen as from other people. When you fully let go of this ego, we start to open up ourselves for a more genuine and true relationships with people around us followed by the immense sense of liberation.

3.THE GOOD AND THE BADcf9c8b4101c524e82eae7b3b382689d6

In our minds, we have a filtering mechanism that splits situations, people, objects and/or ideas into this two major factor “good and bad”. Just like a flip side of a coin, those two are inseparable and necessary to exist as a whole. When we label and name things you negate everything else that it could be. In other words, there are no such thing as good or bad. It is just a filtering mechanism in our minds. Knowing this and being mindful of this can help us immensely in our personal growth and inner strength for about any hardships or difficulties through our lives. 


Self confidence is a frequently discussed topic which has its reason for it to be. But here, I am talking about a slightly different idea of self confidence. I should rather put it as “Self-Reliance”. Meaning you are no longer afraid of being afraid. You are no longer afraid of pain, of grief, of being sensitive.. in other words you are no longer blocked from life coming towards you. Without avoiding our problems and without covering up, experimenting with these inner reliance that you would normally feel very uneasy about will lead you on a journey towards the realization of the self in relation to this world. Lacking this sort of confidence in your decision, your core, or your identity; will be like trying to calm the water with a flat iron and all that will do is to stir it up even more.


A question that we should all ask ourselves until death, a question that shouldn’t be answered, but live in to strive for, and a question we should all be curious and experiment on is something called “purpose”. Most people think of dream as something to be achieved and something substantial in their life to “grasp” or attain. But a dream is not something meant to be grabbed or to be domesticated and controlled because it wouldn’t be a dream if it did in the first place. As soon as we grasp it, we immediately look for another goal of never ending loop of lust and search for something else to grab without really being in the moment of this journey called life. The irony we have about this idea of a dream is something we think that will make us fulfill our lives and make us feel better or happy about ourselves. This is especially significant for the seed of our soul since it is a route of the question; where did consciousness come from? and why are we conscious about our consciousness? We ponder to look inward and say to ourselves “live to find out or die slowly without even trying”

6.MAKE DECISION FROM YOUR HEART NOT FROM YOUR MINDdeep_consciousness_by_5h0a-d5mfnny (1)

The heart. In other words, your core purpose in life. It is a source of your vitality and what drives you through any hardships and challenges in life with total zest. What I mean by making decisions with your mind is that you are deciding something out of your ego; which is not rooting from your true self and end up living a total lie. For instance, making friends with someone expecting something in return. Giving out loads of money to a homeless person thinking to get a good exposure of yourself, and the lists go on.. When you stick to your core without lying to oneself, You start to see through these lies and masks people try to hide behind because actions driven by purpose does not require any acceptance or other people’s approval. 


When people say “the world doesn’t owe you anything”, it means you are not just a victim sent to this world. There are times we take everything for granted. Accept it.  Move on to reflect on it. The moments we can share as a human being in and out of itself should be considered as privilege no matter what the circumstance is without comparing with other people around you. It is an experience that we individually go through and being able to share that is something very hard to put it in words.