March 18, 2016 curious3301
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Since I was little, I was a child who never knew how to let go but always had to leave every time I make new friendships. Always tethering myself to those memories and wishing it to be the same. I was attached to those things that I cannot change.

It occurred to me that everybody wishes to hold forever and ever to the memories of people and the situations that we particularly love.

But is this what we actually want? I honestly don’t know.. I don’t know whether the mask called personality deluded the way of life and pretending to be ok. I don’t know whether becoming somebody or being somebody actually mean anything or not.

This is a story we see and hear in our daily lives and a story we are already involved in the process of living. We often forget to appreciate it and I am no different.

Which is why I will dive deep into the void. Always moving and leaving behind everything I thought I was and everything I am attached to.. as an empty vessel and as nobody.

This journey will start with no money except for the initial flight to the States; where the journey will begin. Aiming to reach Chile for temporary station to plan another journey there.

I know this is going to be my biggest challenge to overcome uncertainties and some desperation by facing reality with just my backpack and some tools. It is something that I’ve been longing to do in my heart.

There is something about “going into discomfort” that can start to wake us up. Fresh and clear.. Being mindful in each moment of either fear, freedom, loneliness or consciousness is something that can’t be truly appreciated by staying in my own comfort-zone.

Reach out and let go. It has found you.

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  1. Magan 7 years ago

    Gun i love this video! you’re amazing I wish I had the courage to do the things you’re doing right now.

    • Author
      curious3301 7 years ago

      Heyy~ Magan! I am honestly quite scared and it would be a lie if I said I am not worried at all. But I’ll do my best to experience the most out of it and share the steps of this kind of journey so that other people who pursue this sort of thing but don’t know how; will be able to take it as some kind of note. and hopefully I’ll be able to keep up the info and constantly recording stuff. 🙂

      by the way, You can also give me suggestion for information or interesting articles related to this topic and share it either here or on fb page if you like. (extreme travel, exploration, “how to travel the world with no money”, survivalism….)

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