Memories of Daehan

Memories of Daehan
March 15, 2016 curious3301
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1100km 63 villages and 15 provinces with backpack and limbs. Over the mountains and under the water; this is a video montage of flashbacks of lone-traveling with no money in south Korea; The sound of leaves falling, the smell of a barn full of dusts and generosity of people who slid by along the journey.. All frozen in time.

I thank all the anonymous supporters, families and very generous people whom I met along this journey during my stay in Korea. The moments and memories I’ve had in my home country is filled with gratitude to this day.

This was recorded with:
panasonic GH4 with Olympus 17mm prime and Olympus 12-40mm zoom lenses
along with two gopros- hero4 black and hero3 black
and couple of shots were done with my galaxy s6 phone.

“Remember me” by Saltillo (Menton J.Matthews)

Sound designed, Filmed and Edited by Hwi Gun Kim

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